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  Design and Function
PUK Vario  

PUK Vario

Only 1 handle for different saw frames and saw blades
Extraordinarily large handle with large and safe free space for your hand
Easy installation of frames and blades
Standard lengths 150 and 170 mm
IF award for innovative design and functionality
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PUK 2000

Our PUK Junior Sawframe is a universal sawframe of excellent quality. The handle is angled in a way that the anatomical axis follows the sawing line and, at the same time, provides high lateral stability, ensuring optimal transmission of energy. This enables the user to cut without effort and achieve precise results.

  PUK 300

Our classical PUK 300, with its adjustable handle, has been meeting the high standards of our customers for decades.
PUK Sortimente   Assortments
We offer useful assortments of fretsaw blades for hand sawframes and scroll saw blades for saw machines in attractive packages.